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TOPIC: Access to forum


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Access to forum

To view topics of your village, town or place of interest in Suffolk and to view the photographs and posts you will need to register. This is free. Please be aware this forum is only for those interested in the older buildings of Suffolk or buildings of special appeal, nature and nature reserves and generally discussing the beauty and history of our lovely county.

An extensive bird photography section is being set up over the coming weeks/months, again I am no expert, I just have an interest in birds and photographing them, if there are any mistakes they are purely mine so please correct me if I am wrong

Just to clarify something about myself is that I am not an expert in anything, I take photos purely because I love my hobby of 55 years, I do not have any indepth knowledge of architecture nor do I have any religious beliefs to speak of, it is purely an interest.

If there are Errors or Exceptions then I apologise in advance to those that have greater wisdom than I will ever possess, I hope that you understand the point I have made, if there are errors or if there is something you wish to add then please feel free to add your comments elsewhere on the threads in question 

Thanks smile.gif 

* Please note all the photographs under my own name/posts are my property, these must not be reproduced in any form without my permission, thank you*

John Cooper



Posts: 34114

We are getting a lot of visitors from all over the world these have frequented the forum .................105 overseas visitor countries 

f_AF.gif Afghanistan

f_DZ.gif Algeria
f_AR.gif Argentina

f_AM.gif Armenia
f_AU.gif Australia
f_AT.gif Austria

f_BH.gif Bahrain
f_BD.gif Bangladesh
f_BB.gif Barbados
f_BY.gif Belarus
f_BE.gif Belgium
f_BZ.gif Belize
f_BJ.gif Benin
f_BM.gif Bermuda

f_BA.gif Bosnia and Herzegovina
f_BR.gif Brazil
f_BN.gif Brunei Darussalam
f_BG.gif Bulgaria
f_CA.gif Canada
f_CL.gif Chile
f_CN.gif China
f_CO.gif Colombia
f_CD.gif Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
f_CR.gif Costa Rica
Cote d Ivoire
f_HR.gif Croatia
f_CY.gif Cyprus
f_CZ.gif Czech Republic
f_DK.gif Denmark
f_DO.gif Dominican Republic
f_EC.gif Ecuador
f_EG.gif Egypt
f_EE.gif Estonia
f_EU.gif EU


f_FR.gif France

f_GA.gif Gabon
f_GE.gif Georgia
f_DE.gif Germany
f_GH.gif Ghana
f_GI.gif Gibraltar
f_GR.gif Greece 
f_GT.gif Guatemala

f_GY.gif Guyana

f_HK.gif Hong Kong
f_HU.gif Hungary
f_IS.gif Iceland
f_IN.gif India
f_ID.gif Indonesia
f_IQ.gif Iraq
f_IR.gif Iran, Islamic Republic of
f_IE.gif Ireland
f_IL.gif Israel
f_IT.gif Italy
f_JM.gif Jamaica
f_JP.gif Japan
f_JO.gif Jordan
f_KZ.gif Kazakstan
f_KE.gif Kenya
f_KR.gif Korea Republic of
f_KG.gif Kyrgyzstan
f_KW.gif Kuwait
f_LV.gif Latvia
f_LB.gif Lebanon
f_LY.gif Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
f_LT.gif Lithuania
f_LU.gif Luxembourg
f_MO.gif Macau
f_MY.gif Malaysia
f_MV.gif Maldives
f_MT.gif Malta
f_MX.gif Mexico
f_MD.gif Moldova, Republic of
f_MC.gif Monaco
f_MN.gif Mongolia

f_MM.gif Myanmar
f_NL.gif Netherlands

f_AN.gif Netherlands Antilles
f_NZ.gif New Zealand
f_NG.gif Nigeria
f_NO.gif Norway
f_PK.gif Pakistan

f_PW.gif Palau

f_PG.gif Papua New Guinea
f_PE.gif Peru

f_PR.gif Puerto Rico
f_PH.gif Philippines
f_PL.gif Poland
f_PT.gif Portugal
f_QA.gif Qatar

f_RE.gif Reunion
f_RO.gif Romania
f_RU.gif Russian Federation
f_SA.gif Saudi Arabia
f_SN.gif Senegal 

f_SG.gif Singapore
f_SK.gif Slovakia
f_SI.gif Slovenia
f_ES.gif Spain
f_ZA.gif South Africa
f_LK.gif Sri Lanka
f_VC.gif Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

f_SD.gif Sudan
f_SR.gif Suriname
f_SE.gif Sweden
f_CH.gif Switzerland
f_TW.gif Taiwan, Province of China
f_TH.gif Thailand
f_TG.gif Togo
f_TT.gif Trinidad and Tobago

f_TN.gif Tunisia
f_TR.gif Turkey
f_UA.gif Ukraine
f_AE.gif United Arab Emirates
f_US.gif United States
f_UK.gif United Kingdom
f_UZ.gif Uzbekistan
f_VE.gif Venezuela
f_VN.gif Vietnam

f_ZW.gif Zimbabwe





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Posts: 34114

Just reached a milestone today

Total Page Views: 1001011
Views This Month: 49957 / n/a
Average Views: 936.4 / day



Posts: 34114

Today we now have averaged 1000 visitors a day

Public Access Link:
Users Online:1 and 13 guest(s)
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Total Topics:645
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Total Users:206
Total Page Views:1125973
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Posts: 34114

Over the last 24 hours there have been more than 10000 page hits to this Suffolk Forum smile.gif

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